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Muscle System Management

Restore Function

Increase Strength

Maintain Health


Activate underperforming muscles and restore the balance of tension

Individualized strength training program designed to target the weakest areas first

Continue the progression of strength and increase tolerance to stress

If you enjoy an active lifestyle, then Muscle Activation of South Florida (MASFL) can help you!  


There are many reasons why people choose MASFL, but it all boils down to one common need... strength!

Weaknesses that exist in the muscular system can place major demands on different parts of the body that may not be tolerant to the stress.  Over time, this can lead to tissue trauma and premature wearing of joints.

This muscular imbalance can show up as a variety of different symptoms and sensations in the body.  It is usually in these sensitive areas where trauma and wearing is occurring.  To find the weaknesses causing the problem it requires a thorough assessment of the muscular system .

Restoring strength and function in the weakened areas can relieve over worked tissue and allow the body to heal and mend.  This can lead to reduced sensitivity, but the work doesn't end there.

To maintain these strength gains and live an active lifestyle it requires strategy and a consistent amount of exercise done at the appropriate level.  This is no easy task, because if done properly... it will take a lifetime!

Click on the image to schedule a 60 minute consultation and find out if MASFL is for you!

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Muscle Management
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